Case Studies

Here are some examples of how The HR Experts (UK) Ltd have worked with their clients and given valuable support in cases where the company alone did not have the necessary resource; ensuring fair and legal compliance.

Absence Management

The concern

A GP practice had high levels of sickness, and due to having a generous company sick pay policy not only was this affecting them operationally but also financially.

How HRX supported

The HR Experts set up an Absence Management Policy whereby all absences were recorded and monitored, looking for patterns or welfare concerns, return to work interviews were held to ensure staff knew absences were recorded and consulted on changes to the company sick pay policy to reduce the amount of full pay being paid.

This was not a quick solution, but by working with the staff and managers the Practice in time reduced their sickness absence levels to an acceptable amount.

Redundancy and Restructure

The concern

A charity client needed to make significant changes to their work force based on the funding they receive.  The structure of their teams needed to change and unfortunately cuts were needed to be made so there would need to be redundancies.

How HRX supported

The HR Experts ensured the whole processes was planned to be fair and consistent and that all employees got their statutory rights to consultation and representation. At an emotive time the HR Experts were there to support managers in all meetings, answering questions from staff and providing all the necessary documentation. Whilst this was not an easy process to go through, having the HR support meant the Charity could be sure the process was carried out fairly and in line with statutory requirements.


The concern

A small business received a complaint from a member of staff against one of their managers of a sensitive nature.  Due to multiple family connections and the small team the Director felt there was no one impartial enough to hear the complaint fairly.

How HR supported

The HR Experts were able to represent the company and hear the employee complaint and investigate their concerns. This kept the Director available to deal with a disciplinary as an outcome of the grievance which was further supported the HR Experts, using another member of the team that had not been previously involved.