Jobseeker banned from tribunals service after making more than 40 claims

Mr David Taheri was handed a Restriction of Proceedings Order of indefinite notice, prohibiting him from making claims against companies without the permission of the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) or the Judge of the High Court.

Taheri has made over 40 “vexatious” claims which started 10 years ago against multiple companies, many of which were withdrawn prior to being heard for reasons including early financial settlements.

His claims were often brought on the grounds of race, age and/or disability discrimination. Taheri described himself as being of Iranian ethnicity and had also been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A significant number of claims had been pursued and/or conducted vexatiously. Taheri would make threats of adverse publicity or regulatory referrals against the legal professionals acting for the other party; more generally, the EAT ruled there was evidence to suggest that Taheri had used the Employment Tribunal (ET) process to put pressure on would-be employers to enter into low value settlements.

Taheri confirmed during the EAT he had three live pending cases with Manchester Employment Tribunal.

It started in October 2012 when Taheri brought a claim against Orchid pubs and dining Ltd. Taheri was not offered an interview for the role of Chef and claimed £1000 compensation fee for discrimination or £250 for an out of court settlement.

Orchid confirmed he was not invited to an interview due to his “pushy and insistent nature.  The Employment Tribunal struck the case out and identified that Taheri behaviour had been so serious that he received a 28-day sentence of imprisonment. This sentence was down to harassment against a colleague of Orchid and along with the 28 days imprisonment, Taheri received a two-year restraining order.

The claims started to increase alongside the financial expectations.  Taheri made 19 Employment Tribunal applications in 2018 and 7 claims during 2019/20 that were recorded formally.  It is not confirmed or identified how many claims were made outside the Employment Tribunal and settled.

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