Gender Pay Gap

In 2017 the government introduced legislation enforcing all organisations with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap each year. This report is made available for public viewing.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, the Equality and Human Rights Commission have announced that employers will have an additional six months to report on their information, giving the new deadline of 5 October 2021.

Companies may be penalised financially if they do not submit the pay gap in time with the new deadline and therefore, we encourage businesses in the required category to start looking at this issue sooner rather than later.  You can report information using the on line Gender Pay Gap Service

It is your responsibility to determine if you as an employer must report this information. Remember part time, job sharing, employees on leave, self-employed and zero-hour workers all contribute to your headcount.

For employees that identify as gender neutral, organisations can check personnel files and if there is nothing in the employees file to identify them as man or woman then the advice currently is that they may be excluded from your reporting calculations.

If by providing this information your business identifies that there is a gender pay gap, you should introduce positive actions to work on eliminating this difference, The HR Experts can guide and support your business through this transition.

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