Menopause in the workplace

Whether it’s because of fear, embarrassment or worry about saying the wrong thing the menopause continues to be seen as a challenging topic to discuss.   

According to a People Management article nearly 900,000 women in the UK left their job completely because of menopause related symptoms.  Addressing the experiences of menopause and the impact on work, wellbeing and productivity has got to become part of organisational life.   The effects of the menopause can lead to staff losing confidence in their ability to do their job, experiencing brain fog, feeling stressed, anxious, tired or depressed, this means that it is key for businesses to promote understanding on the issues of menopause at work and to have support mechanisms in place.

For anyone suffering, don’t suffer in silence. Too often women feel the need to hide their symptoms or pretend that everything is fine, when it’s not, so take control, talk to your manager and share your experience.

For Managers, communicate regularly, maintain confidentiality and understand that for those experiencing symptoms it can be a difficult and stressful time.  Everyone will experience the menopause differently and some symptoms can be quite severe and can affect people both physically and mentally. Creating a supportive and positive open environment between an employer and someone affected by the menopause will help alleviate any fears they will be facing.

Remember if an employee or worker is put at a disadvantage or treated less favourably because of their menopause symptoms, this could be classed as discriminatory if connected to a protected characteristics. These are: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

Break the taboo and let’s talk menopause…