The World Cup 2022

The World Cup 2022 tournament starts this week and a number of the games this year fall within working hours. Employers should plan ahead not only for the benefits it can bring your employees to boost their morale but also for any potential disruption this may bring to the workplace.

Ideas on how to use the World Cup to boost morale

  • Allow games to be screened in the workplace or if working from home have a “virtual watch-along”
  • Temporarily relax dress code and allow football shirts to be worn
  • Allow decorations in the office/communal areas

Flexible working

  • Allow early finishes to enable employees to watch the evening games
  • Operate a flexi time policy – to take time off during the day and make time up later

If all goes well any arrangements you do make can then be policy for any key events going forward, allowing flexibility for all but within a professional arrangement and keeping business continuity.

Maintain productivity

With up to 3 matches per day, avid football fans may struggle to remain productive, especially when working from home where the employer has less control over “background” activities.

Remind employees of your expectations when it comes to commitment when working from home, any arrangements you have in place for flexibility when it comes to watching the games and your process for dealing with unauthorised absences or “sickies” following a day of overindulging watching the game!

Beware of discrimination

  • Offer any flexible arrangements for all games, not just home nations ones
  • Be aware of conflict between home nations and friendly rivalries that could turn unpleasant, reminding employees to remain respectful of everyone’s interests

The World Cup will not be of interest to everyone, some may enjoy the spirit and comradery of it, and others may wish to keep a distance.  Ensuring you accommodate and respect all interests will make for an enjoyable tournament and welcome return of a social event.